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Reversible Roasting Rack

Item# B43A8 Description: Ideal for ribs, roasts, chicken, etc. Place up to hold ribs, flip to hold roasts. UPC:0-42077-43080-9

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Non-Stick Fish Basket

Item #: GB67A9 Description: Non-Stick Fish Basket Prevents fish from sticking to and ruining your grill 16″ long x 5″ wide UPC: 0-42077-67060-1

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Non-Stick Adjustable Basket

Item #: GB67A10 Description: Non-Stick Adjustable Basket 12″ x 10″ 2.5″ deep UPC: 0-42077-67010-6

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Non-Stick Hamburger Basket

Item #: B67A4 Description: Non-Stick Hamburger Basket Heavy Duty Chrome plated wire 4 pocket Flip basket instead of each burger UPC: 0-42077-67040-3

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